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Do you have or know of a site that should be listed here? Please let me know. I have certain requirements to be included. Your site must be primarily devoted to pens, pencils, inks, or products related to those items. I request a reciprocal link to this site from a link that is obvious on your site. I will list sites without a reciprocal link for a fee but I cannot guarantee that you will get any traffic. I will list all important sites with or without a reciprocal link if that site is important to the hobby of collecting and or using pens.

Collectors Pages:
Richard Binders Pen Page - Nice site with great photos and information.
Hans Presto Esterbrook Page - Great page on Esterbrook pens and nibs.
Parker 51 Pen Page - Everything that you want to know about Parker 51 pens.
Parker 75 Pen Page - The definitive site for Parker 75s.
Esterbrook Pen Page - Best place to get information on Esterbrook pens. - A great web site that covers everything related to the Paul Wirt pen company. - David Isaacson page mainly devoted to Parker Vacumatics.

Pete Kirby - This is a new web site that has great potential. Look for some great things here.
PensBury Manor - A site dedicated to Wahl-Eversharp Pens by Syd Saperstein
Pen And Co - French site available in French and English. Modern and vintage pens.
Sheaffer Flat Tops - Roger Wooten's web page on Sheaffers. Also sells some of the best pen catalog copies around
The PENguin - One of the best sources of pen information around. Lots of information on Pelikan pens site.
Pelikan-Guide - The definitive Pelikan pen site.
Scripto Pencils - Great site covering Scripto pencils

Dealers Pages - All Round:
Pendemonium - One of the great sites. Pens, inks, books, and just about everything else. Highly recommended.
Pen Trace - Very popular message board.
The Fountain Pen Hospital in New York - This is an all round pen shop that has old pens, new pens, books, and supplies.
C S Classic Pens - New and vintage pens for sale.
Southern Scribe - Rick Horne's Web page. Nice selection of vintage and modern pens. One of the best repairmen around!!! 
Andy's Pens - Nice site with good information. Sells vintage pens and modern Conway Stewart pens.
SpeerBob - Nice site that mainly covers modern pens but has a little of everything.
Cathedral Pens - Nice source for modern and vintage pens, books, and ephemera. - Distinctive pens - Expert Restoration - Great site.

Dealers Pages - New Pens:
Susanna Buffo's Visconti Page - Visconti pens and information
Stipula Pen Page - Stipula pens for sale.
Arthur Brown & Bro. International Pen Shop - Great site offering discount prices on most modern pens.
Nakaya Fountain Pen Co - A maker of fine hand-made customized pens, a small Japanese company.
World Lux Pens - Fine selection of modern pens at discounted prices.
Pen Designs - Custom made pens made of wood and deer antler
MacKinnon Pens - Manufacturer and dealer in limited edition fountain pens.
Swisher Pens - Great site by Chuck Swisher and Chun Lee. Wide selection of modern pens.
Fountain Pen Heaven - Get Online Discounts on Fine Writing Pens From Leading Retailers
The Pen Zone UK -
Large range of Cross, Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer and Space Pens and watches.
Fountain Pen Studios - Selection of pens made by Ryan Krusac.
Pen Heaven London - Good selection of modern pens
J M Pennifeather Fountain Pens – A website and pen store selling a wide selection of designer pens from major brands.

Dealers Pages - Vintage Pens:
Battersea Pen Home - Simon Gray and Sean Lovell - vintage pens for sale
Bonham's Auction House - Various auctions including fountain pens
David Nishimura Pen Page - Vintage pens for sale, repairs and cost. This site has a lot of good pen information!
WriteTime - Well done site. Lots of vintage pens for sale.
1001 Pens - Max Davis site for vintage pens and parts
Ron Felman's Penrescue - Vintage pens, repairs, and service.
Gary Lehrer Pen Page - Great selection of vintage pens.
June's Antique Deskstuff - Vintage pens, Inkwells, and Institutional Inkwells. - Vintage pens pencils inkwells and accessories.
Jerry Burtons Pen Page - Nice assortment of restored vintage pens for sale.
Esterbrook Pens Online - Wide selection on vintage pens and accessories.
GLKPens - Gary Kaplan web page offering high end vintage pens. 
Jon's Vintage Pens - Nice selection on vintage pens along with a number of modern pens.
FiveStarPens - Old time collector dealer now has a web page. Pens, parts, ephemera.

Organizations & Publications:
Pen Collectors of America - Membership information and show information
Michigan Pen Collectors - Web site for the club and for details on the Michigan Pen Show.

John Mottishaw - For nib repair, this is the place. Check it out!
The Pen Sac Company - The original source for replacement ink sacs and diaphragms.

Related Resources:
eBay - Online Auction with a number of pens and pencils
Pen Bid - Online Auction specializing in pens and pencils

Message Boards:
PenTrace - Pen message board and sale board.