Esterbrook $1.50 Pens

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Dollar Fifty Pens - At the same time that Esterbrook was making the plain colored dollar pens they made a line of pens that sold for $1.50. These pens are the same sizes and shapes as the dollar pens except that they came in more attractive colors. The pocket clips are all of the two hole type. Matching pencils are found in all plastics but are considerably harder to find than the pens.

The earlier pens were made from 1935-1938 and have the cap band very close to the lip of the cap. The top pens are this earlier type. These pens come in Foliage Green (Top), Morocco Red, Pearl Gray, and Red Streaked Gray (Middle).  

The later pens are from 1939-1942. They have more room between the edge of the cap lip and the cap band than the earlier pens. They come in Foliage Green, Morocco Red, and Pearl Gray. They are also found on a cracked ice type of pattern like the bottom pen. The colors are White, Yellow, and Blue.