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A A Waterman
Security Pen
I live in the South Central part of the Unites States and the area has a lot of Sheaffers, Parkers, and a few Other Brands. It is easier to collect the things that you can find so my collection has more of these than the others. When I first started collecting I had difficulty finding suitable pens to buy so I quickly got into repairing and restoring the pens that I did find. I developed a new respect for certain pens when I worked on them. I noticed that they were made better than other pens and many were very innovative and durable. My taste have changed and I began collecting those that seem to be of a higher quality. I have also moved into pen related areas like Ephemera, Ink, Boxes, Catalogs, and anything else related to pens and pen companies. You will find a number of items pictured here that are from those sources.

I would have started collecting much earlier if I had known about pens and the difference in good ones and bad ones. I had a hard time finding the information that I needed to actively collect. Basically I needed the information that I am putting here. I hope that this look at my collection will help you to become more involved with pens and to avoid many of the mistakes that I made. If there is anything that you think would help you and other collectors let me know and I will see what I can do.

As a little help for you most of the pens on this site are shown to scale. Since monitors vary the scale is shown in the red and blue colorbar on each page. The red and blue segments are exactly 1" long.